Go on dream like you are just about to achieve!                                   MY THOUGHTS: Winston Tony.

Wisdom comes with age. For the Young People Fraternity (YPF), don’t misquote me. The real picture is that we are all wise but we grow wiser with age. Then age is just but a number! You are as young as you think you are  just as you will get as old as you think you have. Its all about Experience being the best teacher and Time the best witness.

Ours is a country that has matured over fifty years. History has dictated that we began as toddlers under the British protectorate as a colony. Our forefathers under the popular MAUMAU brand liberated us from the colonial powers and gifted us with the prize of modern colonization. This has overseen the ever widening gap between the minority rich and the majority poor. Nobody is complaining. Am not lamenting either. All these is just but a glance at the real picture which most of us want to bypass. Its common with a developing nation just as the child struggles crawling and supporting themselves on walls before finally taking off to run with the world.

The progress i must say has been slow but steady. We have labored night and day. To end modern tyranny. To close the unwavering gap. To end impunity. To stage a counter fight to corruption. To uphold human rights.To be like the western superpowers and to make Kenya what its just about to become. Then just the other day we reached the first landmark; voted in the new constitution. Try remember the tongue battling term; Promulgation just after the successful historic referendum. In biblical terms its like Manna from heaven. Its going to shape the whole political, economical and social scope of Kenya. That`s why the March 2013 General Elections are very crucial.

Indeed they are crucial, unique and different. The first of the kind to embrace Biometric Voter registration under a new and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission that we believe is going to operate free from political interference. Unique in the sense that as a citizen i will have the first  chance ever to VOTE and be part of the cooking change advocacy! Different because this time around we have six (6) electoral positions as; President, Governor, Senator, Member of parliament (MP), Ward representative and Women Representative. Crucial because we are Re-writing History books as we are about to witness the first ever presidential Debate just like the USA. Maturity comes in gauging at the number of contestants in the presidential bid. The type of pre – campaign season we have embraced. The strategic but tactful coalition deals being closed day and night behind closed doors . The agility of The Media houses to unveil every other political secrets to Kenyans. Just to pin point but a few. Every one is pooling their socks to be in charge of the change wave that is about to happen.


Over the years, elections have came and gone creating waves that died off even before the president was sworn in! Aspirants as a routine promised heaven yet failed to deliver even the earth! 2013 after March is the end of this monotonous era. We are prepared. For well coordinated hate-free campaigns. For peaceful elections. For devolution. For long awaited constitution implementation phase. For a wave of promising developments in the Political, Social and Economic spheres. Our commitment to this is thus voting wisely as good citizens and conceding defeat as sensible leaders.

My heartfelt advice to my fellow Kenyans ; “lets all write and share the success strong. As Kenyans, take the initiative to register as voters in the ongoing voter registration exercise adhering to full details. Be participative in the campaigning sessions so that we practically sieve out our leaders based on performance measures. On March 4th 2013 make informed collective decision to transform Kenya into BRANDKENYA 2013. Lets collectively forget about the past and we leave in the present only prospecting of a brighter future. Remember yesterday is gone forever, but yet still tomorrow  may never come only today is yours to live in“. Ours i a Democracy. Democracy hasn’t yet failed. It is not promising to fail either. Its thus not yet time to apply force. To our esteemed leaders embrace the OBAMAS and ROMNIES of this world;

That`s my view of KENYA BRAND  2013…


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