Doing extra ordinary duties at his age. Winston Tony.                            

It was midweek and on a day-out business mission to promote public awareness campaigns in regards to a newly launched insurance product- Heshima mpango poa-last respect cover underwritten by Old Mutual Kenya. The day began early. We had taken our trade to Nakuru county – Rift valley regional headquarters-Kenya.

I had to begin this story from there because the inter linkage of characters and storyline is quite tricky. We were all well set aboard our 24-wheel road show truck fully branded in purpose with the days activity and all was good. The DJ on the decks blasting party music. people rushing with excitement  from all corners  of the town as if heeding to the emcees command of come one come all! The guy behind the wheels leisurely pulling the track across town like it was no ones business to rush. For me all these was just as usual as Monday not until we hit our next stop over point – Kamukunji grounds

Posing as teenagers from the olden days, the trio had taken full control of the truck podium. A well knit dance group of two gents and one lady just in observance of the Gender equality sub-rule was commanding everyone’s attention. Their dance costume was such that they adorned the look of old traditional men but with a contrasting youthful energy. Everyone was staring in amazement at these undying talents. I was amazed also as crowds pulled closer and closer. The trio did their thing in utmost coordination flowered with style and elegance of the late 80`s.

As we shared drinks at the end of the day, my curiosity burned. I started a discussion with one of them who happened to be their group leader. Opening up, he shared how the group came together. He also touched on how they have been running their trade as an entertainment organization branded TROUPE LIKASU ZANGALEWA INTERNATIONAL. Further on he mentioned their specialization as: road shows, corporate functions, hotel entertainment, private functions, weddings, family events, event organizing, Edutainment, P.A systems. We exchanged cards and Ooh my God! i envy people like them who earn from their talents 

Below i have provided their links:



NAKURU – KENYA +254 723 500 638.



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