the cat

Even before you are warned (of course by anyone) ad rather you learn to appreciate your own self and avoid popping nose into other peoples business. Whether they are monkey business or real business should not be part of your worries unless your utmost consultation is highly welcomed and in most cases paid for at a negotiated good price Of course this can go professional and earn you a sound income only if you organize things well. This may sound tough to those individuals with such character but it is prior preparation to prevent poor performance(The 5ps of success) just in case you don’t want to find your good self in the situation our friend who was staring above was in.How they look, how they walk, how they talk, how they dress, how they…is best known to them and them alone just in case you have to make a comment do it in a sensible manner with utmost respect and most positive of comments you can make. Don’t interfere with their Ego. Just like you everybody else wants their free private time to mind whatever they are doing best. Good for them and good for you too. In search a scenario everything goes on swiftly without crisscrossing each others path. We therefore enjoy an environment of serenity, harmony is prevalent and peace therefore co-exists. Imagine how simple this is yet look at the benefits which endlessly fill out a whole page! People not minding there on business has in recurrent occasions resulted to un necessary confrontations that heated into physical fights. In legal context popping into other people issues is treated as a crime in case the subject in question raises  an alarm. It may be stalking or trespass all these lie under the violation of the right to privacy.


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