Modeling Industry






So they say the only thing that does not change is change itself. True to our commitment start of this year, we proceed with our BIZ HUB series weekly business discussion forums and at week eight, we delve into the ins and outs of the modeling industry. In its primacy, the weekly Biz Hub series is a land of Opportunity; it exists to sharpen your business Acumen through first hand Networking. Gracing this week’s event is a team of three speakers Denis Njeri, Winnie Gakii and Mikel Lucian hosted by Tony


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Management 202: Presentation




Diagrams and Graphs

*Diagrams are dimensional forms of presentation. Diagrams give a bird’s eye view of the data. They are visually attractive hence they have great memorization value compared to figures.

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I Met A Woman

Yes I Met A Woman


I met a woman. (“eeeeeeeeh”) Easy. Easy people it’s not that direction you are taking. Come back over here. This is far different.
No one imagines they will spend their adult life asking people for meetings. Who by show of hands? I think you remember that age old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I heard no one mention anything to do with meeting people.

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Hair and Beauty    


Today brethren (always wanted to use the word like I will once go into theology) we are gathered here all purposed to do a collective brainstorm of the Hair and Beauty Industry guided by getting up and close with inspiring stories of first line players, looking at the overall business models; revenue models, how’s it’s conducted, challenges and opportunities_ more of SWOT and then by matter of conclusion discussing the different opportunities available within the Hair and beauty Industry. 
It’s a splendid exciting forum you don’t want to miss out at least. That will mark week seven of our weekly Biz Hub series. 

Management 202: Tabulation




This is the process of organizing data into rows and columns.

Tabulation simplifies data making it easy to understand. It also facilitates comparisons of different groups of data.

The following principles should be followed in construction of the table

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Politically Incorrect 

It’s been long overdue not giving a flicking damn about politics over here. If we could spare a few minutes and dig back in history, the last time we wrote about politics was here. 

Fast forward and it’s a politicking year. Yes wanted to write electioneering but every Tom, Dick and Harry is politicking so I wrote politicking to sound cool, informed and urban. The count_down is fast wasting. The big day is EIGHT AUGUST and the ‘big boys’  are up and about town. My spirit is low for something political but the external urge is adrenaline charged. So we ended here.

Just before then I came across this “7 Things to Remember as We Go to the Polls

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Group Dynamics 


Think of Insurance for example. How do clients get compensated for claims? In fact  where does the money come from? In the case of insurance, there’s a concept called Resource pulling. Say a thousands people pay monthly, quarterly or yearly small premiums over specified time span against a quantified risk. Such funds are put in an identified pool. Over the specified time, the probability that every one gets affected by the insured risk is not eminent rather only a handful might be affected and claim compensation. In what case the pooled resources come in handy. 
Group Dynamics discusses the idea of resource pulling through unity of purpose. United we stand divided we fall. Think about the Chama concept and chamas are big thing here..