The Real Heroes 

Hero Edition Yesterday was Father’s day. Happy Father’s day once more to all daddies around the globe. The times have been hard. Yes, every one says. But in as much as companies are downsizing to match the hard times, in as much as chaps are loosing jobs subject to the downsizing maze, new companies are […]

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Tech World 

TECH Business Does that phrase ring a bell? What is TECH and what are the Business Opportunities around the TECH world? Is there a way I can get a fair share of the cake? How?  In this write up, we do a quick dissection of the Tech business  Industry in and out to get to […]

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My Old Man 

Happy Father’s Day!  Have always used Dettol soap since the days of high school. But recently I switched gears to Imperial leather. Not that Dettol is nolonger cool. No. Dettol is still as cool. Dettol is always been this cool thing since the days we were told it’s number one brand endorsed by Kenya Medical […]

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Home At Last

Home At Last  The season is been calm. Mild sunny promising windy and some showers here and there. Am excited about it plus many other things. You and I have countless reasons to gloom but see, getting merry is an easier option. Let’s just say today is my happy day. Eight is my lucky number […]

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AFRICA: A business Perspective Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 8 Serious Problems GUEST: John-Paul Iwuoha Author, Business Strategist & Champion for Entrepreneurship in Africa   When you look at Africa, what do you see? When most people look at Africa, there are two very strong but opposite images […]

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Politica Normally politics is not our cup of tea here. On a good Monday we advise visitors not to put on political tees here. Because well, the same politics that makes us, divides us. But have you followed Facebook conversations lately and if keen enough noted the two brigades that mushroom? It’s like day and […]

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Under Construction 

Work in Progress  You remember that day I was in a meeting I told you guys about? Yes and some guy went “Someone once said, it takes courage to stand up and speak, it also takes courage to sit down and listen” Then I shoot up my hand in protest and said “excuse me sir, […]

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Here it is.. Guest: Marende Otworo Trump Just bombed Syria.. He is a hypocrite.. He is just the typical politician… Enhe…Give us a break! Trump is not inconsistent ,he is  focused on the bigger picture, he is smart, articulate and decisive. Trump vowed that he is going to Make America Great Again. Anything that goes […]

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TALK_PRENEURS  Then there’s a new breed of Entrepreneur’s. They make business out of talking. Let’s just call them TALK_Preneurs. Trainer’s, MC’s, Talk experts name them. They have managed to curve a unique niche. They make a living out of what they say. It’s become a definite business model with a defined revenue model. They price […]

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