Who are you?

Glen_ MAP 4 Life institute A leader makes investments that followers interpret as sacrifices. An investment suggests a return whilst a sacrifice is associated with loss. An investment produces faith after value has been considered while a sacrifice develops fear because a price must be paid. Being confident that you can hit a golf ball […]

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Of The Yuan

And the change The IMF officially green-lighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket. According to Reuters, this move paves the way for the IMF to place the yuan on a par with the US dollar. This is the latest in a series of global developments that […]

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Second Class

America’s Insistence That Africans Must Wear Used Clothes. By Owei Lakemfa. Rwanda is a small landlocked African country with a 24,670 square kilometer, a population of 11.9 million and a GDP of $8.9 Billion. It is with this country, the United States (US) the world’s largest economy with a $20.412 Trillion GDP, a 9,147,420 square […]

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Something coming…

Tech Facebook’s stock plummeted from a high of $630B to $510B in terms of Net worth. Not a bad figure but stock owners weren’t happy. Mark Zuckerberg personally lost $15B’s in a single day with regards shooting from third to sixth Richest globally. The waves and tides settle at Tech. Before the above incident the […]

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Nature called!

Small but life saving Ps: I am writing this piece from my phone at the cool reception of Kisumu girls. Do you know what comes to mind? Silly. But I just think “these kids might burn this place”. Someone tougher than Matiangi please stop them. I shift out to some smoky cafe. It was early […]

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Health + Wealth + Love + Happiness These are Hand-Picked from a Lot of New York Times Best Selling Books which were mentioned in multiple books over and over again: Having a Good Healthy Diet – Health is Wealth; The only good and permanent home every human being has is their Mind and Body; Good […]

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ISSUE PAPER RAND GLOBALIZATION’S SECURITY IMPLICATIONS Lynn E. Davis INTRODUCTION Globalization stands out as a multidimensional phenomenon. The fact that the world is becoming a global village simplifies way of doing things across the scope of social, political and economic fronts. However the sad side of it is the security proliferation threats that is presented […]

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It’s Attachment. That Friday would pass as the most boring. Horrible to the core. First there was blackout. But who cares about blackouts these days in a third world Kenya? Not unless you’re an Internet nomad like me and you scavenge the Internet for a living and blackout means no power. No power means no […]

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World’s Role Model

MANU CHANDARIA: A Role Model for the World? Recently on JKL, I watched 90 years Old, multi-billionaire Industrialist and philanthropist Manu Chandaria take us through his bubbly story: PICTURE THIS: At 90 years old, he goes to bed at 11.30pm and is up by 5.30am. In his closet, he has 5 suits and 3 jackets. […]

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